About me

Hi !

I'm Lionel Van Nuffel. I am

You too are out of focus! Wait, let me adjust the lens… That’s better! Now say « Cheese »!
Here is some pecorino (that’s why my stand-up comedy career didn’t work out so well…).

Like my pictures, I’m all about contrast. Native from Charleroi, but adopted by Brussels, I’m both outspoken and polite. I like pictures that are centred yet eccentric, spontaneous as well as refined. I also like it when things go in every direction, like a firework. But most of all, I like pictures that have a meaning and tell a story.

Good thing for me, everyone has their own interpretation of a picture, which gives unlimited possibilities. Good thing for you, what really thrills me is to “pick the best pic”, the one that will move you the most because it truly means something to you!

I would describe myself as being totally unfiltered. But in spite of my weird puns, the first thing clients tell me when we work together is that they feel instantly at ease. That’s because I put my heart and soul into each and every one of my projects!

I can picture us doing great things together. Want to know more?
So, let’s meet up and see what develops…


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